Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenace is the key to keeping your car safe and reliable for a long time.  We follow the manufacturers maintenance guidelines for your car.  One of the most important things to owning today’s cars is maintenance because so many times we see new clients and their car has been neglected for a long time.  We know times are tough but they get tougher when your car gets neglected. What would have been a small repair turns into a much bigger repair,  and much more costly.  We will work with you to bring your car back to being safe and reliable where it doesn’t hurt the pocket.



We will always use what the manufacturer recommends in the brake system as far as the pad material goes.  Brake noise comes from using the wrong brake material in the car.

For tune ups we will always use the recommended spark plugs and filters. All our tune ups also include cleaning of the throttle plate and mass air flow sensor if equipped.

hot rodding & performance enhancements


Through out the years we have done alot of restoring and restorations. Many engine modifications to super and turbo charging engines.  to getting the most out of your engines ability, from todays high tech cars to yester-years points and carburator cars.  We still do alot of work on carburated cars where most shops the new technicians have never even touched one.

Come in and sit down with us and we can discuss your needs and wants. And show you what we did in the past and can do for you.



Hunter wheel alignment equipment is what we use.  along with touch less tire mount machine and high speed wheel balance.  All your wheel and tire service can be done here with great pride of those very expensive wheels and tires.

Before every wheel alignment we will check for any loose or worn suspension parts.  The car will alway be set to manufactures specs, but sometimes your driving style will reflect specs and altered cars will reflect specs then our racing expirence come into play and suspension geometry know how will get your tires in the right direction.

Don't keep it parked, we put you back in the driver's seat!