We are a family run business since 1983 serving Union and the surounding areas.  We strive hard to keep our clients happy and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For many years we have accumulated plenty of experince in our work.  We do not only work on the every day cars you drive. We also have alot of experience in building and restoring classic cars to your hot rod show cars.  Plus we have a long history of racing between my father and I and building those race cars.  In our shop we have a complete machine shop inclucing bridgeports and lathes and all the welding equipment to do just about anything your vehicle will need.

Our Services

Complete Computer Diagnostics
Complete Safety Analysis
Drivability Problems
Tune - ups
Oil Changes
Paint Jobs
Brake repair specialist
Mufflers and exhaust systems
Steering and Suspensions
State Inspection
Transmision Repair
Auto Body Repair

About us

We are a state certified emission repair facility. To become this we have special education to repair todays cars.  Your check engine light is no match for us.  We have all the latest equipment to repair today’s cars from computer repair to electrical issues. We can and will fix it right the first time.

We have a long line of history in the automotive field and racing field as well as the building of cars for the street and race track.  We also have flying experience which includes building and flying our own airplanes, airplane engines and electrical system.  We put all that experience in to your car everytime we repair it.  Experience goes along way with the repairing of  your car to be safe and reliable.


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Opening Hours: MONDAY - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM NIGHT DROP AVAILABLE

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